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Understanding Companies Income Tax

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Petroleum Profit Tax and Nigeria Economic Development

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Explanatory Notes on Withholding Tax Administration in Nigeria.

Part VIII – Provisions on Taxation in the Petroleum Industry

A withholding tax is the tax required by Law to be withheld by a party from each payment. The Petroleum Profit Tax Act (PPTA) however exempts dividends payable by oil producing companies on petroleum operations from withholding tax. Examples are Personal income tax, company income tax, petroleum profit tax, and capital gains tax.

When the imposition is on the price of goods and services, then it is called an indirect tax. Indirect tax is payable on Annual Summary of Tax Revenue Collected in Nigeria From – Source: FIRS () Nature of the Nigerian Economy.

petroleum profits tax act An Act to impose a tax upon profits from the winning of Petroleum in Nigeria, to provide for the assessment and collection thereof and for purposes connected therewith. In Nigeria, companies active in the oil industry are subject to a special Petroleum Profit Tax in place of the standard corporate income tax.

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The current tax rate is 50% for PSCs in deep water and inland basin operations, and 85% for JVs in onshore and shallow waters operations. Training: Review of Petroleum Profits Tax 21 March - 22 MarchAM - PM, WAT Lagos, Nigeria The petroleum industry in Nigeria is the country’s largest industry and main contributor to government revenue, through crude oil export.

Petroleum industry in Nigeria Petroleum profit tax in nigeria
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