Magnetic abrasive finishing

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Abrasive Blasting & Finishing Machinery

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Metalworking Sanders, Grinders, Finishin

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Magnetic field-assisted finishing

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Shop our full line of Deburring and Finishing Machines for Metalworking! Burr King, Heck, Finish Pro, JET, Conquest Metalworking. I am doing my Ph.D in Magnetic Abrasive Finishing. If any one knows the new research information of MAF please let me know. I'm a Masters student at IIT, Bombay completing my studies in the coming July.

I did my thesis on optimization of MAF process. I've carried out some experiments and collected. CONCLUSION • Magnetic abrasive finishing process can be used for surface finishing as well as surface modification of hard to finish surfaces such as brass, stainless steel, etc. • Magnetic abrasive finishing can be successfully used for finishing of internal as well as external surfaces of complicated design.

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Magnetic abrasive finishing
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