Communication disorder

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Speech and Communication Disorders

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Communication disorder

What is social communication disorder? Children with SCD have difficulty with pragmatics—the unspoken, subtle rules of spoken language that allow people to don’t always understand the give-and-take of a conversation.

Communication disorders affect a person's ability to communicate, causing problems with speech, language, hearing, or all three. The exact symptoms will vary according to the particular communication disorder, but they generally revolve around problems with expression.

A communication disorder is any disorder that affects an individual's ability to comprehend, detect, or apply language and speech to engage in discourse effectively with others.

The delays and disorders can range from simple sound substitution to the inability to understand or use one's native language.

Does your child have a language disorder?

Speech and Communication Disorders

Problems with social communication, expressive language and pragmatic language are symptoms of language disorders. Learn about treatment options.

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Communication disorders such as stuttering and expressive language disorder are generally diagnosed in childhood and can have a negative impact on a person's quality of life.

Communication disorder
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